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South Padre Island and the history of spring break can be researched by ordering the best Selling book for $1 on Amazon Kindle by Chad Hart entitled The Definitive Guide to Student Travel by clicking HERE

While Texas Spring Break started in the 1960’s, the real popularity of South Padre surged In the mid 1980’s when all of the Country excepting Texas and Louisiana did not raise Their drinking age from 18 to 19 years of age (later 21) – meaning minors could partake Today, the drinking age is in fact 21, but all the popular spring break bars like Louies, Clayton’s, Tequila Sunsets, etc accept those over 18 years of age for admittance.

Unlike other former spring break hot spots like Panama City or Gulf Shores, open containers are LEGAL on the beaches of South Padre Island. This makes spring break very affordable as you can BYOB coolers to Clayton’s Beach Stage with your own party beverages. Gulf Shores, Panama City, Daytona Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and many others have now banned open Containers in March on the beach. This shows you…in Texas we know how to party! Even
Kegs are legal on the beach in South Padre Island.

The Island:
South Padre Island is a barrier island that stretches for a few hundred miles from Boca Chica Beach which is on the border with Mexico to Corpus Christi, Texas. The elevation ranges from 0 feet to some 40 feet with towering sand dunes. Driving on the beach in the City Limits of South Padre Island is prohibited due to foot traffic. Approximately 7 miles of the island is Inhabited with structures.

The beaches of South Padre Island are public property per Texas State Law. South Padre is About as far south as Fort Lauderdale, Florida giving it the most tropical climate of any USA Spring Break destination.

Home to approximately 6,000 people, the population swells to in excess of 35,000 people On the peak Texas Week of spring break in March. Over 70,000 students from around the nation Go to South Padre Island for Spring Break. One great thing about choosing Texas over Florida is Not just the warmer weather – it’s safety. South Padre has only ONE causeway bridge from the Mainland to the Island, making crime virtually non existent.

Why South Padre Island?

  • 18 to Party, 21 to drink
  • US Laws apply – South Padre is WAY safer than Cancun, the Bahamas, or Dominican Republic
  • Your health insurance and cell phone work in the US
  • Easier to get the buy in from Mom & Dad
  • Trips are $300 to $400 per person with food and parties. Super affordable as you can drive
  • Beaches are all Bring your Own Beverage friendly. Open containers are legal on the beach in South Padre if you are 21. Note: ID Is required at all times to have alcohol, bikinis or not
  • The entertainment during the day at our Spring Break Beach Stage at Clayton’s Beach Bar is FREE of charge and open daily in March from noon to 5 pm. See world class DJs FREE like Morgan Page, Crizzly, iHeartMemphis, + more. During the day you can BYOB to Clayton’s stage
  • South Padre is dirt cheap on cabs. If you buy a Party Package thru us, you will enjoy $3 per cab rides ANYWHERE on South Padre Island with your Red Carpet VIP Spring Break Wristband
  • The weather. South Padre is a tropical Island with some of the warmest temperatures in the USA in March
  • Airfare can be affordably booked

Getting to South Padre Island:

Want to fly?

Price into Harlingen Airport on Sun Country Airlines or United and is just 55 minutes to the Island airport code is (HRL) United and American offer service into Brownsville, Texas with that airport being 45 minutes away airport code is (BRO) Those of you with Delta, Mcallen is an option at 1.25 hours away. United & American also fly into Mcallen (MFE)

Airport transfers we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you book them privately with www.southpadreislandlimos.com. They have private sedan & SUV transfers for $75 per person roundtrip if 2 or more people have same times. Add just $20 per person to get a limo but that does require 6 or more passengers. You can also call them at 956 720 0903 to book. A minimum Of 10 day advance reservation is required as well as pre payment on a major credit card.

Using the airport shuttle service can be a real nightmare as they make many stops, taking a 1 hour ride up to as many as 3 to 4 hours EACH WAY…you’re vacation will be effected.

Want to drive?

Well, that’s called Google Maps. Take a look at the drive times down. With a large SUV and splitting gas, it truly is a way to get a spring break discounts on a trip. Word of advice – find the total roundtrip miles. Divide that by your MPG. Take that numbers times the price per gallon of gas. Total, then divide that by the number of people going EXCLUDING the person whom owns the vehicle from paying gas share (that is only fair). That way gas, is precollected. DO NOT wait to do this on or after the trip or plan on getting shafted on money. Further, add $70 to that total For a full service oil change and car wash upon returning. The person nice enough to offer the vehicle should NOT be shouldering this cost

Example budget:

2000 miles roundtrip
Cayley’s dad’s Tahoe gets 16 miles per gallon. 2000 / 16 is 125 gallons of gas. At $2.50 / gallon, that’s $312.50 for gas 6 of you are going, but Cayley is one of them. Math is $312.50 + the $70 for the oil change and full service car wash/vacuum so $392.50 / 5 is $78.50 per person. Precollect, and that is very very affordable. You cannot do that to Cancun

Thinking about a roundtrip motorcoach bus?

Inertia Tours offers them from select college campuses in Nebraska, South Dakota, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, and Illinois. Plan on budgeting $250 to $275 in addition to their condo Package prices to add the bus. They will not sell you a seat on the bus without accommodations Purchased through their Company

What are the most popular spring break condos and spring break hotels on South Padre Island?

Currently, the hotspots are the Hilton Garden Inn, La Quinta Inn, Inverness & La Internacional on the north end of the Island. ON the south end, The Pearl Resort, Peninsula, La Copa Inn, Saida Towers, Royale Beach & Tennis Club, Isla Grand, & Sunchase Beachfront Condos.

Are hidden fees common for college students on Spring Break?


Be aware of hidden fees when booking spring break travel as many properties hide fees due at check in, such as security wristband fees ($20 to $40 per student at check in), “refundable” damage deposit ($50 to $100 CASH due at check in per person – btw they rarely actually refund this – or some bogus “damage waiver fee” which is $20 to $30 per person at Spring Break Rental Agencies and they don’t really cover anything. Also, the occupancy tax is 17%, and while that should be noted, it is easy to miss and on a $3000 condo rental for the week, that’s an extra $510 due – ouch. Other hidden fees include cleaning fees ($75 to $150 per condo) or linen fees $20 to $60 per condo.

If you need advice or information, please call or email us. We will help you

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